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Eteam International

Eteam International Ltd. operates directly or with its partners in several European and non-European countries. Its main activities include management consulting, organization, marketing and communication, technological innovation and technology-transfer.

Many of its activities are based on the Internet: web applications, web-TV, online data management systems, Communication and Web-Social Marketing services.

With the Euroteam brand (former name of the company active since 1988), Eteam brings together an international network of consultants and correspondents, who promote internally developed technologies and provide support to business-development activities through contacts with European, Arab and African countries.

Eteam consulting

Consulting and project support

  • Strategic, organizational and technological consultancy
  • Support for company policies of technological innovation and technology-transfer
  • Development and management of projects and initiatives: drafting of proposals, partner search, project management, partnerships and joint-ventures
  • Support and advice on the use of emerging media
  • Advice on Web-Social Marketing strategies and initiatives
  • Market studies and identification of new commercial opportunities
  • Creation of international contacts for B2B activities

Eteam web examples

CSS development and web based applications

  • Development of sites and portals based on CSS, our innovative CMS: very fast, easy to manage and without the constraints of conventional data bases. According to Google's rating it's the most performant in the world.
  • Development of customized CRMs and online management applications (human resources, real estate, car renting, parking management, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Consultancy, projects and services for Web-Marketing and Social-Marketing
  • Consultancy and technical support for the design, implementation and updating of websites, marketplaces and "business social networks"
  • Consulting and technologies for video streaming systems and Web-TV services
  • Development and outsourcing management of WEB-TV H24 channels


Communication, information, e-learning

  • Development, operational support, and technical assistance to online magazines
  • E-learning and distance learning systems based on multimedia contents
  • Market analysis, consultancy, support for the development of international web-tv networks
  • Video-streaming consultancy and services for conferences and seminars
  • Video-streaming live of presentations and round-tables embedded in virtual studios
  • H24 Web-TV: simulation of a live Web-TV streaming based on conventional HTML-PHP technologies

AI applications

Artificial Intelligence applications

  • Development of video presentations based on avatars and content created with the support of AI systems
  • Support for the management of social media and magazines with texts written by AI systems
  • Consultancy for the creation of novels with the support of AI systems
  • NEW! Video-streaming live with real time automatic translation in most common languages. The only technology in the world that supports these services and makes simultaneous translation obsolete: see more about this unique translation technology.

Main activity sectors of Eteam International


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